Sunday, May 10, 2009

magical beauties

After our annual Mother's Day brunch, with nine Millers and vonBriesens crammed together in a too-small space (which caused me to eat only half of my eggs), I took some photos of my sister, and then I went for a walk. I had a live radio interview at 2:30, so I walked fast.

During my hobble around the 'hood, I talked with neighbors about The Shooting, told a group of folks congregating by a garden which flower was a tulip (my attempt at humor, and they laughed), and heard a song by The Parlotones that choked me up. It was a free download from some music site I joined so that I could get free songs. Few of them ever move me like this one. I replayed it about four times so that I wouldn't forget my idea about how I would spend the majority of my Mother's Day, though I expected it to only usurp an hour. (Ha!)

I'm sure the lyrics do not fit precisely, but you'll have to grant me some poetic license.

I know most of the kids in this slide show—some from my daughter's school, some relatives. I threw in a few baby pictures, too—my sister, me, my husband. And I added a shot of my friend, Jennifer K├Ânig, who had new reason to celebrate this Hallmark holiday.

In a new commercial, a doctor tells a baby, "Congratulations! It's a mommy!"

Here's to us and our miracles.

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Deb Abramson said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow. That kind of knocked me sideways. Nice work.

jo(e) said... Best Blogger Tips


Happy Mother's Day!

Richard said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, way cool.

Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

well done!

gwyn said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW seems to be the best I can do. This is really powerfully moving.